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Guaranteed bottom-line growth for customers 


How we deliver value to our customers


Using a data-driven approach, we show you how much you will spend on aftertreatment programs without us, then calculate how much you can save with us. We know the importance of providing you with data to rationalize your time and money investment.

Discontinued Reman?

In 2020 Cummins announced this service is no longer available... DPF Renu fills the gap and once again supplies this option.

Tired of core charges?

No core charge when you use DPF Renu. Imagine those savings fleet-wide.

Core Integrity

Never settle for an unknown core. RENU ensures you receive the same core you sent in. No nonsense.

Red Tagged Filters?

Failed an FSX machine test? We can bring them back to life.


We want you to understand the aftertreatment system and make informed decisions about the solutions you choose. To that end, our staff is constantly learning and reviewing data, then turning that knowledge into training our staff brings to you.

Quantifying cost

Time for data-driven solutions, that allow you to make informed, accurate, decisions..

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