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What is RENU?
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A reman program filling the gap between an OEM replacements  and a local cleaner

Nationwide Program

Implemented nationwide in multiple of the nations

top 10 largest fleets

Allowing customers the option for remans on all makes/models

Data-driven and backed results

Program-wide results of less than 5% failure rates

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Key Attributes

Multiple Technologies are brought together giving filters the most comprehensive program  available on the market

12 Unique inspection points are done on every filter


RENU facilities in 8 states serving the entire US


24HR turnaround time


Never see a core charge again on a reman filter. No chasing paperwork

Customers maintain their cores 

What if a filter fails?

With over 100 new DPF and DOC PN's in stock over 8 warehouses across the nation, we make sure to keep your trucks overall downtime as short as possible

Additionally, we stock OE clamps and gasket kits that can be boxed with each DPF RENU process.


Dropshipping available on parts all across the country.  

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